Winter Mornings are truly special. With the rising Sun – it’s a perfect duo of wintry mornings with little warmth. The bed gets much cozier but it’s my PINK shoe that inspires me to wake up and run to feel the rawness of nature.  Here, I tie the knot of my shoe & plug into my favourite music. Music holds tremendous power. It can make you feel an array of emotions. With peppy lyrics you feel high on energy and an instrumental melody will calm you down.

I feel alive every morning observing people of all age groups. Young ones with their bag packs, woolen coat, scarves, ear muffs and mittens rushing to gather knowledge. While Men on mars voice over political issues and business. Women on venus chat over kids, beauty and fashion. These are Talkative minds talking on every breath they take. The Fitness enthusiasts in their neon’s are strengthening their body to its core. There are few Quiet minds that look so intense scheduling their day. The chasing minds resolving the unsolved mysteries of life. The kinder ones feeding the hungry souls.  Not to forget the Meditative minds in their yogic mudras, with eyes shut focusing on every breath they inhale and exhale and the Spiritual minds enchanting powerful mantras and expressing gratitude to the Almighty.  Lastly, Musical minds who seem to be loving music and walk of their life. So which mind are you?

I adore these 45 mins of my day as it strengthens me immensely. With every sunrise and sunset Life moves on! It’s the conscious effort every morning our mind makes. Running for good health, Running to feel the freshness of the day, Running to sweat out the toxins, Running to restore Faith, Running to mend hearts,  Running to cleanse your thoughts – Inhaling optimism and Exhaling negative thoughts. What is your reason to run? Discover and Explore it. I am setting my alarm for tomorrow 6.15am …What time are you waking up?

PS: Thank you hubby for gifting me PINK shoes!! “Life is better in Running shoes”… mypinkies

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Sailing detached

She was gracefully dancing in the waves,

She finally understood how you could feel,

So detached from the world yet be at one with it…

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