#ColgateMagicalStories – Space Dreamerz

Dhruvi, my twinkling Star – yes that’s the meaning of your name!! Pretty, Creative, Loves to dress up, Smart and Kind. My little book of Creative stories. Your Love to read books is insane. An Independent Story Weaver – You like to add your own “turns n twists”. You Love to mimic as a teacher and that’s what we tried here too – Drawing the planets on your Blackboard and decorating it with all the #ColgateMagicalStories – Characters.

You inspire me!! You bring me immense Joy!! May you always know the Joy of reading and keep Creating the best story ever!! I Love you Sweetheart!!


10..9..8..7..6..5..4..3..2..1..Blast!! The rocket has zooped off. The smart siblings Jack & Jacqueline get lost in the space while doing their project on Solar System. In quest to discover something new, the super excited little Souls dream about Space.


Pretty & Handsome, dressed in their heavy weight Space suits. As they go up 1000 miles away from home, Jack & Jacqueline glance at the gorgeous sight of the Earth. The darkness in the space is lit with the Cluster of Stars. Look there.. Mars, Venus, Saturn, Sun, Moon, Flying comet and zillions of stars, like we are on a “Planet Tour”. Everything looks so whimsical!


“Thud..Thud.!! What’s this strange noise? Everything is moving and shaking”..

Ouch!! we just got hit by an Asteroid, my head is spinning, sis. Jacqueline tells Jack, to be seated and not to worry.

Let me go and switch on the Safety button, so if it happens again this shall not disturb us. Red or Blue… I think it’s red button. She pressed the red button. The light flickers and goes off with loud noises, the rocket goes left, right and round and we land onto some Planet.

Oh no! I have pressed the wrong button. All our fuel got leaked. Where are we sis?This planet looks very strange and scary.

While we step out of the rocket, there is a UFO. Peeking inside – we see a green skinned jelly like creature with a wobbly body, oblong face and popping eyes.


“Is that an Alien?” Jack screamed hiding behind his sis. Jacqueline points her gun towards Alien.

No, No, don’t hurt me – “Outer Space is my Home. I like to travel through the Stars, wave through Jupiter and Mars. I ride inside a Spaceship, don’t you know. I am a good creature, don’t be scared”. In no time, they became friends and together they all walked through the planet – talking and laughing. It’s the adventure of a lifetime for these duo.

Little Jack was tired and with no energy left says, “I am so famished;  I want to go home, sis. But, how will we go back home? We don’t have fuel in our rocket. Seeing their dilemma, Friendly Alien closed his eyes and murmured few words. He smiled and told them to be seated in their rocket. The Alien was glowing with Neon Green light and transmitted  the Magical light to our rocket. Our eyes waved good-bye in hope of meeting again.  Soon, the rocket fluttered and with the blink of eyes , we reach our very own Planet – Earth. Wooo-Hooo..we reached Home!!

While, mommy calls us for dinner, we rush to the dining table. We ate and ate till our tummies were full.

Heading to our beds but before that Jack, Are you forgetting anything?

Oh yes sis, I have to brush my milky whites with Colgate!!

We then wish mom and dad Good Night. Mom said, I love you both to the moon and back! While me and Jack giggle and say, We Love you too Mom and Dad to the Moon, Sun, Saturn, Venus, Mars and Alien…shhhhh….ha-ha-ha!!

With the Innocence and Love in Kids, we can make Friends in any part of the Universe.

“I’m blogging my #ColgateMagicalstories at BlogAdda in association with Colgate.




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  1. Awesome! Heart touching narration ! Good luck !


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