Dust if you must. ..

Striking a perfect balance between your daily mundane and your passion is an Necessity. We are tagged with so many names – fulfilling relationship goals. What about the relation with your own inner self.. Losing your identity makes you a robot – mechanically functioning well but lacks the Heartbeat. What makes your heart throb ? UntagThyself with unecessary bonds and Prioritize your Life. Invest in yourself and Follow your dreams. Start doing things you love to do the most!!! Paint a picture, Bake a cake, Go on a hike, Swim a river…Learn something new today and Evolve. Life happens when you do what you Love❤ Don’t just exist, Live!!!! LoveThyself!! 

Such a beautiful poem by Rose Milligan ❤


About letzflamingle

Living Healthy // Learner // Self Motivated // Love walking in the rain // Toes in the sand // Be your own kind of Beautiful :)
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5 Responses to Dust if you must. ..

  1. So true.. Love Yourself.. and yes I have also now started doing things which I like.. it feels as if you are in some kind of a bliss for that moment..

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  2. Thank you for reading the post!


  3. Amazing poem, I wish I can get a copy of the same. 😀


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